The Baltimore Consort Live in Concert

The Baltimore Consort Live in Concert


Artists: The Baltimore Consort, Mary Anne Ballard, Mark Cudek, Larry Lipkis, Ronn McFarlane, Mindy Rosenfeld, Danielle Svonavec, Steve Rosenberg (guest artist), Danny Mallon (guest artist)

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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This wonderful and long awaited LIVE recording of the popular early music group, The Baltimore Consort, was recorded at the First Scots Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina during the the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in June 2007. Surrounded by the ghosts of Scottish Presbyterians, the musicians and their audience felt a spiritual connection to the past. They also enjoyed the very lively sequence of tunes that fans of The Baltimore Consort know so well!

Recording with them for the first time is gifted young soprano, Danielle Svonavec, and reappearing after a 17-year hiatus is Mindy Rosenfeld, whose flute playing graced their first seven seasons.

Track List

1. The gowans are gay
2. Adew Dundee
3. Kathren Oggie
4. Through the wood, laddie
5. Pentland Hills
6. The dark is my delight
7. The shaking of the sheets
8. Saltarello
9. Piva
10. Galliarde d'escosse
11. Laroque galliarde
12. All in a garden green
13. Jon come kisse me now
14. Newcastle
15. Lord Ronald (Lord Randal)
16. The Queen's treble
17. Green grows the rashes
18. Fantasia
19. Recercada primera
20. A lieta vita
21. On the banks of Helicon
22. Les buffons

Total time: 54:24
Release date: 2008
UPC: 053479080127

…The performances are up to the consort’s proven track record.
— J. F. Weber, Fanfare

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