Salir el Amor del Mundo

Salir el Amor del Mundo


Artist: El Mundo, Richard Savino (director)

Composers: Sebastián Durón, José Nebra, Juan Hidalgo, José Marin, Santiago de Murcia

Format: 1 CD


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Enjoy the exciting pursuit of cupid in this world premiere recording of Salir el Amor del Mundo (Love Leaves the World/Cupids Final Folly), a zarzuela by Sebastián Durón (1660-1716), resurrected and directed by world renowned Baroque guitarist and musicologist Richard Savino. Leading and performing with his ensemble, El Mundo, Savino has assembled a spectacular cast for this exciting new discovery. The zarzuela is coupled with other period works from José Nebra, Juan Hildago, José Marin, and Santiago De Murcia. 

In the Zarzuela, Durón tells the story of Cupid (Jennifer Ellis Kampani, soprano) who has brazenly entered the forest of the chaste huntress Diana (Karen Clark, contralto). The goddess declares war on Cupid, and summons the gods Apollo (Anne Moss, soprano), Mars (Erica Schuler, soprano), and Jupiter (Nell Snaidas, soprano) to assist her in her pursuit, each of who has a confrontational moment with Venus’ offspring. 

Critics throughout the world have praised Richard Savino’s performances and recordings. His over thirty-five recordings have garnered international acclaim, and include most recently his last release for Sono Luminus – Suites for Baroque Guitar by Ludovico Roncalli. They also include romantic guitar music of Johann Kaspar Mertz, virtuoso sonatas by Paganini and Giuliani with violinist Monica Huggett, and many, many more. In addition to his recordings, Mr. Savino performs regularly with some of the world’s most important musicians and organizations including the Houston Grand Opera, New York Collegium and many others. 

El Mundo is a chamber group that was created by Richard Savino to perform the rich and sensual musical repertory from 16th–19th century Italy, Spain and Latin America. El Mundo has performed for early music and chamber music presenters in Houston, San Diego, Arizona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Cleveland, Columbus, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Sedona, and many other locations. 

Sebastián Durón (1660-1716) was a musician closely identified with Spanish theatre music, leaving us a wonderful repertory of zarzuelas, operas and tonos humanos. Durón entered the service of the royal chapel in 1691, and within a few years became the most important musical figure both inside and outside the court. A prolific composer, Sebastián Durón was able to successfully integrate Spanish and Italian styles into single compositions. 

Track List

José Nebra
1. Seguidillas

Sebastián Durón
Salir el Amor del Mundo

2. Muera Cupido!
3. Dorada luziente esfera
4. Y ya que en la selba
5. Que importa que airada?
6. Sosieguen descansen
7. Descanse el Amor
8. Del Amor los arpones rompa me seño
9. Que horror?
10. Huye, huye coberde!
11. De cuantos yerros forjo
12. Temores, que ruido es este?
13. Pues vibre la cuerda
14. Donde vas, cobarde?
15. Eso no cobarde!
16. A de mi!
17. En el cóncavo profundo

Juan Hidalgo
18. Luceros y flores

José Marin
19. Ojos pues me desdañais

Juan Hidalgo
20. Wacara de Clarin

Juan Hidalgo
21. Ay que si

José Marin
22. Aquella Sierra Nevada

Santiago de Murcia/Anonymous/Antonio Soler
23. Fandango

Total time: 62:27
Release date: April 2018
UPC: 053479210722

The whole disc makes a valuable—and enjoyable—contribution to the growing recorded repertoire of seventeenth-century Spanish music.
— Glyn Pursglove, MusicWeb International

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