Bernstein Tribute

Bernstein Tribute


Artist: Proteus 7

Composers: Leonard Bernstein, Anthony DiLorenzo, Charles Pillow

Format: 1 CD


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The syncopated crackle of a trumpet is a defining characteristic of jazz, which makes it a defining characteristic of American music.   It's the sound of Louis Armstrong; it's also in Bernstein's music.   You hear it in the first few bars of "West Side Story;" it's in the symphonies, the Mass - it's a signature, and it typifies the extraordinary musical voice Bernstein achieved by assaulting the European classical music tradition with his synthesis of American jazz.
 —Byron Nilsson

Track List

Fancy Free - Leonard Bernstein (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
1. Variation I. Galop
2. Variation II. Waltz
3. Variation III. Danzon, Mostly Influential - Anthony DiLorenzo
4. I. Ante Up
5. II. 3am Blues
6. III. Ace's High, West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein (Arr. Dean Sorenson),
7. I. Prologue/Jet Song
8. II. Somewhere
9. III. Tonight
10. IV. Maria
11. V. Mambo, Mass - Leonard Bernstein
12. I. Gloria Tibi (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
13. II. Simple Song (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
14. III. Alleluia (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
15. IV. Sanctus (Arr. Douglas A. Richard)
16. V. Fraction (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
17. VI. In Nomine/De Profundis (Arr. Douglas A. Richard), Divertimento for Orchestra - Leonard Bernstein (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
18. I. Sennets & Tuckets,
19. II. Waltz
20. III. March, The BSO Forever Suite from the West Side - Charles Pillow
21. I. Introduction
22. II. Fantasy
23. III. Have a Love - Leonard Bernstein (Arr. Charles Pillow)
24. Wrong Note Rag - Leonard bernstein (Arr. Rodney S. Miller)

Total time: 65:59
Release date: April 11, 2000
UPC: 053479027825